EVGA PrecisionX



Questa utility permette di intervenire manualmente sui parametri di funzionamento delle schede video EVGA basate su GPU NVIDIA GeForce delle serie 6, 7, 8, 9, 200 e 400.

Queste le note fornite dal produttore:


  • Independent or Synchronous control for fan and clock settings in a multi-GPU system
  • Allows up to 10 profiles, and ability to assign hotkeys to these profiles to allow in-game
  • Ability to view temperatures in the system tray
  • Core/Shader Clock Link/Unlink capability
  • Fan Speed manual or auto adjustment
  • Real-Time on-screen display support for ingame temp, framerate, and clock monitoring
  • Logitech Keyboard LCD Display support
  • In-app temp/clockspeed monitoring of GPU’s
  • Information button shows device, driver, memory size, BIOS Revision and SLI mode
  • Ability to choose different skins, and make your own!
  • Now you can save screenshots from your favorite games!

System requirements:

  • Windows XP32/64 or Vista32/64
  • EVGA 6, 7, 8, 9 or GTX 200 series graphics card
  • Forceware 96.xx or higher drivers

Queste le note fornite a corredo con la versione più recente:

Updated “Adjust Voltage” section – Includes new feature:

  • EVGA K-Boost – This feature will allow you to “lock” GTX 600 series cards to Boost Clock/Voltage, even in 2D mode. Some important notes about this new feature:
    • If using SLI, please disable SLI prior to enabling this feature, you can re-enable SLI once system is rebooted.
    • Please disable EVGA K-Boost before reinstalling, or uninstalling the NVIDIA driver.

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